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Kleanwater NZ is your one-stop shop for all your shower filter needs. Our products are designed to remove contaminants and chlorine from your water, leaving you with clean, healthy shower water.

We strive to provide the highest quality filters and ensure each customer’s satisfaction. Our store offers a wide selection of products that include all of the latest and greatest filters on the market. With Kleanwater NZ, you can trust that your shower filter needs will be taken care of.

Vitamin C Shower Filter
Pure Rain Shower Filter

Our Products

Pure Rain Shower Heads
These shower heads have ACF or PP & Micro Filters (activated carbon filers or polyspun filters) ACF filters remove Chlorine, softens the water & reduces skin irritation. PP Filter & Micro Filters remove contaminates such as rust, dust and debris in the water, improving the quality of your shower water. Both also contain Anti Bacterial Ceramic Balls removing 98% of residual chlorine which also helps soften the water.

Chrome Mineral Shower Heads
Contain 3 different Mineral Balls. These remove chlorine, which reduces skin irritations such as Eczma and softens the water. These shower heads have been designed with Laser cut holes which increase pressure by up to 200% and reduce water usage by up to 30%. they have 3 different mode settings, Rainfall, Jet & Massage to give you a refreshing and reinvigorating shower experience.

Aroma Sense Vitamin C Shower Heads
Our Aroma Sense Luxury Shower Heads, have a silky spray shower head, contain a Lemon Scent Aroma Filter consisting of 90% VC and 10 % Essential Oils, all natural ingredients, removes 98% of residual chlorine in the water leaving your skin soft and revitalized, giving you that like that spa like experience in your own shower.

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