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  • What are the benefits of Chlorine Removal Shower Heads?
    Kleanwater NZ Mineral Shower Heads are designed with laser cut holes which enable the shower head to increase water pressure by up to 200% and reduce water usage by approximately 30%. They also include mineral beads which reduce residual chlorine, soften hard water improving the water quality on hair and skin.
  • How do I know if my shower is compatible with Kleanwaterer NZ shower heads?
    Most Standard Hand Held showers have a flexi hose. These have a universal standard 25mm fitting which are the same as our shower head fittings. Please feel free contact us to discuss if your shower is compatible with our shower head products
  • Is my shower a Fixed Head or Handheld?
    If your shower has a flexi hose attached to your shower head then this is classed as a “Handheld Shower Unit”. If your shower has a fixed attachment to either the column of your shower or an overhead attachment then this is classed as a “Fixed Shower Head”. Please feel free to contact us to discuss which shower head is suitable for your shower system.
  • Does Kleanwater NZ supply replacement parts for their shower heads?
    For our Mineral Shower Heads we have a wide range of replacement parts from O-rings (seals), Laser Cut Face Plates & external housing. We can also supply various replacement parts for our other models. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. All our suppliers are committed to providing their best after sales customer service.
  • Does Kleanwater NZ Shower Heads work on Low Pressure Systems?
    Kleanwater NZ Mineral Shower Heads are designed for mains pressure systems and may not be suitable nor increase the water pressure on Low Pressure Systems.
  • Does Kleanwater NZ Mineral Shower Heads remove Chlorine?
    Councils add chlorine to the town water supply to remove bugs and ensure the water is safe to drink, however using a Kleanwater NZ Shower Head can improve your shower water. Reducing this harsh chemical improves the health of your skin & hair, including skin conditions such as Eczema. If you have any health concerns regarding the use of Kleanwater NZ products, please consult your health care professional before use.
  • Are Kleanwater NZ products Chemical Free?
    Our mineral stone products are natural minerals and are chemical free.

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